The Blog Joint was originally founded by Vlad Akilov. Which now has evolved to include three more great additions John Hilario, Connor Wilson, and Alex Rodriguez. The Blog Joint is a blog about all technology news in the world, it will include funny and interesting stories, and reviews. Also some useful links and stories from other blogs that we find that the readers would like to know about and might even learn from.

About the Blog

This blog started out with Google’s blogger.com then later I realized I needed a more professional bloggers “look”, so I got this site and am using WordPress, which is great for bloggers, the theme in use is called unsleepable, which is a 2 column layout, based on the k2 theme, and modified by Ben Gray.

Vlad Akilov

Vlad is the founder of theblogjoint.com which was first developed on March 15 and has evolved into what you see today. He currently is a computer science major at The City College of New York, and is in his second year. He enjoys playing football, basketball, and baseball, well almost any sport.

John Vincent Hilario

John Vincent Hilario is aspiring to become a computer engineer, currently matriculated in the City University of New York. While he enjoys the technical aspects of engineering, John Vincent holds a passion for literature and politics. Writing for ‘The Blog Joint’ as a technical writer, he introduces some of the beauty that ‘non-technical writing’ has to offer while at the same time, delivering facts.

Connor Wilson

I am currently a freelance web designer, specializing in WordPress working from my home near Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been designing websites for a couple of years by now, and have been with Photoshop and the graphic arts since the early days of PS7.

Alex Rodriguez

Is a 46 year IT professional with over 15 years experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working and researching topics that pique my interest. I am currently working on several projects, IT consultant for a small high-end clothing boutique now online, writing a book on setting up an eCommerce website, and will be starting a hands-on project management gig for an extended backbone fibre rollout. When not doing IT, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, sports and really look forward to surfing and snowboarding again. Arod( the other guy).

***Look for a new site redesign coming up in the next few weeks, should be fully done soon.***

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